Most Wonderful Mani of the Year…

I live in NYC.  It’s super warm still.  No hints of snow, cold weather, or any holiday seasonal festive reminders that Christmas is coming.  I’ve been trying to get in the spirit by drinking peppermint mochas, and other red cup drinks, but it’s not working.

But this manicure is.  I know, it’s not Christmas themed at all, but the colors and excitement are. Seriously.  This was an instant mood booster.

FullSizeRender (9)
Poppy and White Polka

Cue the holiday music.  Break out the cookies! String the lights up on the tree, put the roast in the oven, I’m officially ready to celebrate.  (Oh and wrap my gifts?  ha!  that’s what the $4 surcharge on Amazon is for! I’m a horrible wrapper!)

Happy Holidays to you and yours!  May these next few weeks be filled with happiness, love, laughter and a positive outlook on the year ahead!

I know I’ve got exciting news to share soon!  Stay tuned!!

Friday Fancy Face

I dread holiday party time.  Especially meeting new people/partners, important bosses, etc.  I am so introverted (unless you know me outside of these awkward once a year meetings) that it’s really painful.  I’m more concerned with what I’m wearing and how I look, or if the spinach from those fabulous Spinach turnover hors d’overs is lingering, that I panic.

Enter a lifesaver.  My hair has been so awkward lately.  With my hormones never kind to my hair, I wanted to impress the Mr.’s new coworkers (many of which I was meeting for the first time) by doing something impressive.  Enter my friend Madison over at Irresistible Me.  A while ago, she reached out offering to help.  Sending me more extensions of Royal Remy hair than a girl could ever ask for, I started to experiment…

blog pics 113

Now first, it didn’t match my natural hair.  So I dyed them.  I played hair dresser in my own bathroom. The extensions were literally just like my real hair.  I treated them as such.  So easy to manipulate, work, hold, everything.  I was so relieved!

I was having too much fun… the Mr. was getting worried.  He said the bathroom looks like a science experiment and when I left them to hang up – and played a few joke on him – while I went to get a strong hanger and blowdryer (trust me, you’re glad I didn’t film/take pics of this).  Let’s just say, the whole process is a LOT easier than I make it sound.  I almost considered applying to cosmetology school after this.  That’s how amazing these extensions are.

The next morning?  I attempted at an updo.  Or two.  And then I got frustrated, and started to cry.  I realized I am not the hairdresser I thought I was…darn overconfidence.  I don’t have the patience to really curl or play with my hair.  I’m either a messy bun or down or ponytail type girl.  After tons of tears, the Mr. suggested “Just wear it in a pony tail or something.”  And we came up with this…


I’m not as glamorous as bloggers “should” be.  This was a forfeit picture.  See the bags under my eyes?  Those are post-meltdown.  But what’s fantastic about this picture?  The Mr. said “You look fantastic.  You don’t need a fancy updo…just wear the hair like that.”


I felt more confident after that. My hair was instantly longer- a length I had been waiting impatiently for YEARS to achieve- and looked real, not cheap, not at all “oh my gawd look how awful her hair is…”

I wore the extensions to the party (and of course I checked my camera in my coat pocket…) and definitely was complimented a few times on how “healthy” and “luscious” my hair looked.   Would I do it all over again?  Absolutely.


Lesson of the day though, it’s not about your hair, the spinach in your teeth or your dress that night, it’s about you, the confidence you exude and the ability to realize that even though you attempted 2076082740895 updos, and watched hours of Youtube, at the end of the day, you’re always beautiful.

Thank you, Irresistible Me.




Internal Error: Bookworm Style

I would have had a post up today, yet I had been so caught up in the current book I am reading, that last night…came and went…I ready a good portion of the book instead of actually blogging…

…review to come next Friday.  This book is really good.  If you get the chance this weekend…pick this up…

Be back  Monday with Manicure Monday.  Fellow bookworms, you understand.  #thestruggleisreal

What I Wore Wednesday: The Return

It has been so hot and or cold these days, that all I could do was break out my faux-fur vest.  Seriously, this roller coaster of weather has not been my friend these past few weeks, so naturally, you gotta wear what you can to survive!

Happy What I Wore Wednesday! 

Seriously.  I cannot express how good it feels to be back into the blogging world again.  See you Friday for a book review!

And don’t forget to thank a veteran today for their commitment to our country and their service to protect their families and friends.


Faux Fur Vest:  White House Black Market (similar, similar, similar)
Gray Turtleneck:  White House Black Market (similar, similar, similar)
Ponte Pants: Stitchfix (similar, similar, similar)
Booties: Nordstrom Rack (similar, similar similar)
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Manicure Monday

After a hiatus of blogging, I am back.  I took the last 2-3 months to really figure out what I wanted from this lil ol’ space of blog world, and where I wanted to go with Understated Classics.  And well…I’m back!  With a bunch of lil weekly consistency, and an actual schedule!  Woo for me having a legit schedule.  Finally.  No more shooting from the hip!

Welcome to Monday.  Manicure Monday.  This week my nails are donning the October Stylebox from Jamberry.  Stylebox is a monthly box subscription which sends two designs, a nail file and an orange stick,  for only $25 a month.  And there are always 3 styles to choose from (Feminine, Classic, Trendy), and well…personally, I’m addicted.  See?  Here’s one of the “Classic” October designs…

october stylebox

What’s your manicure looking like this week?

Share yours in the comments!


By the way, it feels good to be back.  I’ve missed you all!  Welcome back to Understated Classics!