Reads: Attitude Reflects Leadership

I may not have had much post-college real world work experience, but I can totally relate to this book.  Hamblin really hits the nail on the head.  How you function in the day to day workplace is a reflection of your superiors, and their attitudes.   If you are in a management position, the way your employees conduct themselves and their productivity levels all are a reflection of you as a manager. And we’ve all heard it said before “Attitude reflects Leadership”  or your mother say to you “You represent this family…”  or a superior at work say “Your actions outside the office reflect the office…”  And if you never really quite understood that philosophy before, you need to read this book.

Attitude Reflects Leadership

There are no surprises with the way Hamblin writes.  He is brutally honest, and uses his own personal management experiences to explain how important a manager’s attitude can make or break an office environment.  By leading by example, and taking the time to really get to know your employees’ likes/dislikes/motivations/job duties, you are improving the quality of life within your office atmosphere.  If you want to know what you are doing wrong or how things can be improved, odds are, if you ask your staff, they’ll tell you!  However, you cannot hide in your office all the time, and when you need something from your staff, pop out of your office.  No, Hamblin recommends getting to know your people.  Take the time to invest in your attitude, and your leadership will bring you far.

As a young professional, I am always looking to improve my professional skill set.  Even if I am an intern position, or a high management position, this book hits home.  I always believed “you lead by example” however, Hamblin takes that saying even further.  When managers/superiors/supervisors take the time to invest in their attitude and in their employees, the workplace will be not just “work.”  After all, don’t we know if you love what you do, you won’t work  a day in your life?!

Attitude Reflects Leadership


I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Day to Night: Night White Jeans with shades of gray

Understated Classics: Night White Jeans and shades of grayUnderstated Classics: Night White Jeans and shades of grayUnderstated Classics: Night White Jeans and shades of grayUnderstated Classics: Night White Jeans and shades of gray 016 020 023Understated Classics: Night White Jeans and shades of grayUnderstated Classics: Night White Jeans and shades of grayUnderstated Classics: Night White Jeans and shades of gray


White Jeans.  I really have absolutely fallen in love with these pants throughout the summer.  When not on the blog, I’m either in my distressed denim or my white jeans.  The Mr. HATES when I wear the white jeans.  He makes sure I always have a Tide Stick with me.  I don’t understand why he gets so nervous.  I think sometimes he’s just overreacting…  I may be clumsy, and yes I spill everything, but when I wear white jeans, I am super super careful.

Thankfully, the day we shot these photos, I was wearing my distressed denim throughout the day, and just threw on these white jeans for the photoshoot.  (We had BBQ sauce with dinner, and I think I had chocolate fudge ice cream on a hot hot day too…) The day’s activities could have been disastrous on these pants.  But like I always say, if I didn’t invest in good quality white denim, then I wouldn’t have been more overly cautious as normal.

What I personally love about white denim is the versatility of these jeans.  You can wear them all the time if you really wanted.  Like the time I wore them to the winery (and yes, I was drinking RED wine…) or when I wore them to work.  And today’s post is no different.  Just wear them.  If you own it, what’s the point of putting it to waste in your closet?  Seriously.  Get over your fears and flaunt them.

Day to Night Series: White Jeans

Today I’m excited to be collaborating with Laura over at Walking in Memphis in High Heels, for a “Day to Night” White Jeans post.  She does the day post, I do the night post.  However, in our string of e-mails, I panicked and said “I actually didn’t wear this out at night, I wore this to work on Casual Friday…”  Thankfully, she calmed down my fear, and went super casual for her white jeans.  But Laura, being the sweet, fashionable mama that she is, was so kind and fun to work with.  Definitely check out her blog, and her amazing closet.  She had me hooked on her endless tulle skirt collection… seriously.  This girl has style.

How do you wear your white jeans?  Are you constantly worried about stains/spills?  Or do you just wear them because you know that no matter what, you look good?


Happy Wednesday, friends!

Blazer:  LOFT Outlet (similar, similar, similar)
Tee: Marshalls (similar, similar, similar)
Necklace: My Mom’s closet (similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: Ann Taylor (similar, similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar, similar, similar)


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My Kimono! How I Fake Festival Summer Wear

…I hear that song “My Sharona!” in my head when typing the title of this post…. seriously… go to youtube and play the song… MY KIMONO!…boy I am weird.

I may not have been so lucky to attend any festivals this summer, but with the weather being the way it has been, everyday is a festival!
Kimono and Distressed Denim for Date Night

I finally stole it back!  My mom had permanently borrowed this kimono.  I do not think she ended up wearing the beautiful piece anyway.  But in exchange for the necklace, I held hostage the kimono again.  Too bad, so sad.  I was just excited to try to style the thing WITHOUT BRAIDING THE FRINGE.  Remember, last time the kimono made an appearance, I mentioned how I struggled with not braiding the fringe…this is why Clare cannot wear fringe.  Braids.  That’s the only hairstyle I know.  Basic braids.  I practice on fringe.

Kimono and Distressed Denim for Date Night

These shoes are my all time summer favorite.  I’ve broken them in perfectly, and they always seem to get compliments.  Like the guy at Whole Foods who was stocking the shelves with my favorite lavender shampoo…he even said “Aren’t those shoes too hot and too tall on a day like today?”  (Too hot?  Have you been to Whole Foods in the summer?  That place is always super cold!)  And personally, I just recall the quote…can’t remember who said it or where I heard it but…the higher the heel, the closer to heaven…

Kimono and Distressed Denim for Date NightKudos to the Mr.  He’s getting so good at this photography thing.  Too bad he makes me laugh too much.  Midway through the photo shoot, he said “Wouldn’t it be funny if we got in the elevator and I told you your fly was down the whole time?”  I guess he wants me to smile in my pictures…and I am that immature that I thought that was funny, not embarrassing…

Kimono and Distressed Denim for Date NightLet’s just talk about the hair here.  That’s all air dry au natural.  And, for those who know me personally, I have been struggling to grow out my hair for AGES.  Like years.  And for me, this is long.  But really, we’re looking at the back of the kimono and the non-braided fringe blowing with the gentle breeze…

Kimono and Distressed Denim for Date NightComfortable, and easy.  Just the way I like to wear clothes.  Seriously.  Who wants to be uncomfortable yet at high style all day?  Be real.  It’s not practical.  Stay true to yourself, and enjoy your closet for what it is.  You never know, you may surprise yourself!

What are your favorite ways to enjoy your closet?  How have you stuck true to yourself in the “everyday fashion” world?

Kimono:  H&M (similar, similar, similar)
Tank: Old Navy (similar, similar, similar)
Jeans: LOFT Factory outlet (similar, similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar, similar, similar)


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UC Reads: Locked, Loaded & Lying

Locked, Loaded, & Lying

Read this during a heatwave.  The setting, time, and weather really makes the temperature cool off.  Definitely great for a hot summer day.  What do we know about how Jordan crashed?  We don’t, but enter a handsome, suave, cool Mr. Lock Roane, who “just so happened to be in the area” when she crashed.  The blizzard is a predictor to the future relationship and the pent up dark secrets of both Lock and Jordan.  Through her injuries and Lock’s “bad boy” past, the two forge a relationship that goes beyond a blizzard and deep secrets.

Story in 100 words.  Jordan is hiding deep secrets.  Lock’s a recovering bad boy.  Leo, Lock’s twin, is a writer/doctor.  They’re all hiding secrets.  When Jordan’s injuries need urgent care, the brothers panic.  Lock’s suspension and upcoming murder trial are tabloid material, and Jordan is really someone else, and hiding from Alabama law. The confusion and secrecy all explodes, leaving Lock and Jordan in intense sexual tension, and the murder trial hanging in the air. Who killed Tiffany?  What is going to happen with Jordan’s evasion of the law? Everyone’s secrets end up unraveling, leaving Lock, Leo and Jordan to solve “what’s next.”

Locked, Loaded, & Lying

How to read.  On a hot day at the beach.  The winter setting, the Colorado ski slope town, the blizzard, psychologically, I felt cooler just reading the book!  Jordan was freezing so much, I felt cold for her!  When Lock arrives, and Andre’s description of such an athlete, the story just gets even better.  With Jordan’s amnesia along with her secrets and Lock’s bad boy attitude, how can you not fall into this book?  When really figuring out “Who Killed Tiffany?”  we root for Lock all the way, no matter what happens.  However, does Jordan’s past hinder Lock’s future? The snowy setting creates such a blank canvas for the two to forge a relationship that forces them to get to know each other both inside and out.

Is this for you?  Like romance?  Suspense?  Murder mystery?  Handsome men?  If you answered yes to any/all of these questions, then read this book.  Seriously, read this on a hot day, you’ll cool off instantly, even when it does get a little hot.

Chambray Tulle and Overcast Cirrus

Black Tulle Maxi, Chambray ShirtI always wanted a “princess” skirt.  Or for my alter ego, a “witch’ skirt.  So when I stumbled upon this black tulle maxi skirt, I knew it was the perfect combination of the two.  How cute.  I definitely plan on using this for Halloween, for sure.  (Granted, I don’t ever dress up, but throw on a pair of boots, and a black tee, and some jewelry and I’m good to go….

blog pics 012One of my favorite things about blogging is learning how to tie things, or style things in different ways.  For example, normally, I would tuck in the chambray here.  Instead, I kept the shirt unbuttoned, tied it at the bottom, tucked the tie into the shirt, and buttoned the rest of the buttons.  I would NEVER EVER have done that pre-blog.  Seriously.  The little things make such a world of a difference, don’t you think?blog pics 015

Black Tulle Maxi, Chambray Shirt

Black Tulle Maxi, Chambray Shirt

I swear, these shoes are the most comfortable sandals ever.  They are from Ikwetta, a company who, with after a successful Kickstarter are incredible.  If you haven’t heard/read my post about them, check the post here.  Sheeni, the founder/owner/amazing woman she is, sent me these sandals (took a while to get to me, after all, they were created by an African man named Alex, BY HAND) and is offering 10 Understated Classics readers a 15% off code for their pair of sandals (or anything else!).  Code: CLASSIC.  Love love love how comfortable these sandals are…

Oh yeah, the necklace.  You’re going to see this one a lot for the rest of the summer/fall.  I permanently borrowed the necklace from my mom’s closet.  She does know I “permanently borrowed” and I do not think she’s holding her breath on getting it back.  How fun is this necklace?  Seriously.  I think my mother has a necklace/statement piece addiction.  We went to Charming Charlie together, spent about 2 hours there, and at one point, she was restyling some of the displays!  (Seriously, she may have an addiction).

Black Tulle Maxi, Chambray Shirt

So pretty.  I love it.  and believe it or not, the necklace is actually decently light-weight.  Many of mom’s necklaces are so heavy, no wonder why she’s exhausted by the end of the day.  They weigh her down!

Here’s to you, blogging world.  Thank you for always giving me small sparks of inspiration here and there.  Thank you for your styling tips/tricks, your motivation to keep me going, and your love and support.  Without you, I don’t think I’d stick around with this lil’ ol’ blog for as long as I have.  (Also, for helping me to grow!)

Over the course of your blogging “career” what are some take-aways that you are amazed you actually “took away?”  Have you surprised yourself recently?  Leave it in the comments below!


Skirt: Apostolic Clothing (similar, similar, similar)
Chambray: Gap (similar, similar, similar)
Necklace: My Mom’s closet (similar, similar, similar)
Shoes: Ikwetta  (similar, similar, similar)
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