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When asked about my job, I showed you.  I dress up and eat macaroons.  But when asked what I do in my spare time, I reply “What spare time?”  And then I go on a long awkward silent pause (while you are still staring at me) and stare off into space as I reflect upon what I would like to do in my spare time versus what I actually do.  Then you motion “Did I lose you?”  And I shake back into reality.  I cannot really answer your question, as my free time usually consists of cleaning the apartment, working out, grocery shopping, errands, etc.  Grown up stuff.  But I will give you a sneak peek into what a routine weekend usually looks like…(if that really helps, I personally don’t think it does, but still)…

I have fallen into a rut.  My oversized gray cardi, chambray shirt, black skinny jeans and boots.  I know, there are many various ways that this outfit has been worn, but sometimes its not about the style, it’s about what you feel comfortable in.  All week we work, dress up, be boring, but the weekends, especially in and out of the car, running errands, it’s time to be somewhat informal, super casual.

What I’ve learned about the blogging process is that it is all about self-confidence.  If you don’t have it, you don’t look good.  You exude style by your confidence.  You have to feel comfortable in your own skin, with who you are before you can go out and be happy with the way you look.  You feel miserable?  you’ll end up giving off those vibes to everyone around you.  So always smile, and know you are beautiful.

…weekend day makeup is a lot more laid back for me.  Just some basic foundation, a swipe of Infallible, coat of mascara and a basic lip.  2 minute makeup for sure.  But don’t forget my 2 spritz of Lady Gaga perfume.  Then I’m good to go.


In this photo: Jamberry manicure in “Berry Blue” | Lady Gaga perfume | Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (#130 Natural Beige) | L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow (Amber Rush) | Maybelline Matte Lipstick (Lust for Blush) | Necklace (similar)| Watch (similar) | Earrings (similar)

Let’s start out with a contemplative/planning lunch/brunch. (Mexican- 6 tacos, 1 chicken enchilada, cheese nachos- split, all small portions, for sure…)  The Mr. takes awkward pictures on his phone, and tells me he’s texting our friends for plans for later.  This is one of those pictures…

???????????????????????????????No plans for us.  I am sad.  So we debate some more.  This takes up another hour of our afternoon.  So much can be happening, but we are too indecisive.  Debating ends, and we typically end up either wanting to stroll Target, (which without a list can be dangerous!) or, going to get snacks for a movie night.  In this case, we settle on movie night…

…but end up with roses instead…

???????????????????????????????And that’s what we do on the weekends.  THRILLING.  I know.  THRILLING.  I live such an exciting life.  Tell me about it.

??????????????????????????????? Sweater: Bluefly.com (similar) |  Chambray: Levi’s (similar)  |  Necklace: La Cle Jewelry (similar)  |  Jeans: Stitchfix (similar)  |  Boots: JustFab (similar)  | Sunglasses: my eye doctor told me I had to wear prescriptions, and his selection was limited (similar)

???????????????????????????????Sweater: Bluefly.com (similar) |  Chambray: Levi’s (similar)  |  Necklace: La Cle Jewelry (similar)

This necklace?  The colors actually mean something.  Orange for focused and unstoppable, white for original and authentic.  I had stumbled upon Le Cle Jewelry via Twitter, and next thing you know, the owner Deanna sends me a discount code, I pick out my two colors, she picks out the keys, dips them in paint and sends them my way.  The description card reads:

“With each key you gain great power.  Wear your key and embrace its colorful meaning.  As the color of your key fades, it symbolizes the positive energy you’ve absorbed from your key words.  Once the color of your key is completely gone, you have the power to make a difference.” 

…I think I picked the perfect colors for me…After all, I am focused (when I want to be) and when the idea comes, I am unstoppable until the idea comes to reality.  Also, white- original?  How much more original can I be?  If I try harder, I’d be a fake- I am true to myself and my family, I am not someone else.  Authentic- what you read/see is who I am.  I cannot be any more real and genuine than that.  I speak the truth, I always comment the truth and, you’ll know I cannot speak negative…I love life so much, that you should too!

???????????????????????????????Sweater: Bluefly.com (similar) |  Chambray: Levi’s (similar)  |  Necklace: La Cle Jewelry (similar)  |  Jeans: Stitchfix (similar)  |  Boots: JustFab (similar)  | Sunglasses: my eye doctor told me I had to wear prescriptions, and his selection was limited (similar)

I wore this sweater a while back, and many of you commented on how “interesting” the sweater is.  I cannot agree more.  This sweater is not the easiest of sweaters to wear, but totally worth wearing.  Keeps you warm, has a hood like effect, and, well, not many other people own it.  If I could find it, I’d link it below, but I can’t…I can tell you, to browse Bluefly.com often, and more than likely you’ll find some piece of clothing unique to you.


I am the coolest person I know. That’s kind of sad. Wait, a lot sad…I need to meet more cool people…

Sweater: Bluefly.com (similar) |  Chambray: Levi’s (similar)  |  Necklace: La Cle Jewelry (similar)  |  Jeans: Stitchfix (similar)  |  Boots: JustFab (similar)  | Sunglasses: my eye doctor told me I had to wear prescriptions, and his selection was limited (similar)

That’s a basic weekend for me.  This outfit, (or something similar) and a whole lot of acting cooler than I really am.  The attitude thing really helps- if you live big, you end up enjoying life a lot more.  I am a firm believer in living life in the front row- why be a spectator of life when you can actually live it?

So this weekend I encourage you to live life in the front row.  Have fun and really make your weekend exciting.

Happy Friday.

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Thursday Thoughts: Week 7

I am still frozen.  And the attempt of me trying to warm up just isn’t happening.  But here are some awesome Thursday Thoughts as I try to go warm up.

1.  This actually happened?  Really?  Is it that cold?  Like can we sufficiently say, we need to stop living like this?! Sad part about this photo, it was from a parking lot in North Carolina.  Now, if you’re not familiar with geography, let’s do a little lesson.  NORTH CAROLINA is known to Northerners as a WARM STATE.  There are beaches that are frequent summer spots, and it gets really nice and warm in early Spring all the way through Thanksgiving.  This is not normal for North Carolina…

2.  TRUTH.  Preach it, sister.  We try too hard on Instagram.  Read this and try to deny that she is writing exactly what you are thinking.  You absolutely cannot.  She spreaks the truth.

3.  This cold has made me really want to go away somewhere warm again.  I’ve really been pinning onto my “Summer Casual Clothing” pinterest board like crazy.  I play a mental game with myself.  But clearly, it’s not working well.

4.  I find French culture and French women fashion to be classy and the epitome of elegance.  When I found this article, I knew I had to share.  We should all take a lesson or two from the French women.  If we indulge in chocolate, skip the wine and cheese.  In my case it would be the opposite.  If I indulge in a glass of wine (or two, or three), then I should skip the bowl of Hershey Kisses….

5.  Short on cash but still want to look good?  Of course you do.  Cause if you are anything like me, and want to jump on the trend bandwagon before the wagon even pulls up, you’re always broke, or just waiting for the next thing to come out.  I do get impatient when waiting for sales, but who doesn’t?  This article really helps you be sneaky, and favorably inexpensive but looking a lot better than if you jumped on the bandwagon without preparing yourself….

5.  Did anyone really watch this over and over just as many times as I did?  Who knew Lady Gaga would shock us all and be amazing?  If you followed me on Twitter during the Oscars, you’d have seen how the Mr. thought “I’d totally buy her stuff if she wasn’t so weird.”  I personally think she did all that shock value stuff on purpose.  She knew what she was doing all along… 

6.  I may be off and out and about tomorrow.  Or maybe just watching House of Cards.  Part of me is tempted to either not sleep tonight, or nap, and wake up at like 6am to get an episode in before getting ready for work… and maybe leave work early tomorrow too to come home and get another episode in…

What I Wore Wednesday: Week 7

The inspiration for today’s look comes from Jen over at The Fashionably Employed.  I was making my rounds the other day, saw this and thought “Why haven’t I done this?!  I own all these things?  Well, not the gray turtleneck but I can fudge it.”

There were a lot of quick thoughts that ran through my head when I saw this picture.  Like “Will I get this right?  Is my blazer too big for this outfit?  Can I pull this off?  Where are my brown boots?  What scarf will I wear?!  Is my teal skirt too tight for me right now?  Will Eva approve?”

Thank you, Jen for your inspiration.  As I commented, “Omg, you totally just gave me outfit inspiration for tomorrow.”  And well, here it is, two days later, and I finally get around to wearing it.  I think I could rock it, right?  I mean come on.  We all have these pieces in our closets, it’s just a matter of finding them!

Why I never thought to put these pictures together is beyond me.  Sometimes I think we just find what works and fall into a rut.  Only when you are shocked that someone has the same items as you and wears them differently than what you usually wear, only then does the light bulb go off.  I cannot thank Jen enough for this inspiration!

???????????????????????????????Scarf: gift from Mama UC (similar)  |   Blazer: H&M (similar)  |  Shirt: Target (similar)  |  Skirt: LOFT (similar)  | Tights:  DKNY (similar)  |  Boots: JustFab (similar)

Right?  Does this work?  I think it did.  I added my usual flair by a scarf, of course.  Besides, it’s still a little cold in my office sometimes.  Thanks to Eva for the pictures.  I knew we’d get this.  It was only a matter of time where I’d be confident enough to not have to text her the night before I wore something, asking “Will this work?”  I swear, that girl knows my closet better than I do…


Scarf: gift from Mama UC (similar)  |   Blazer: H&M (similar)  |  Shirt: Target (similar)

As bloggers, we are always growing.  Content, visually, aesthetically, entertainment value, mentally, etc.  At lunch today, we made a list of “What things do we need to do to grow our blogs more?”  And we are committing ourselves to grow as bloggers.  Between growing as bloggers, yogis, and overall good people, I think we are on to something here.  We’re all in this game of life together, and well, if we aren’t supportive of each other, how can we grow?

How would I have been able to put this outfit together?  I wouldn’t have thought of it myself, I pulled inspiration from a fellow blogger.  Blogging is a learning process, no one said you have to be perfect- you just have to go out there and do.  Have fun in the process, because if you aren’t having fun with it, then why are you blogging in the first place?!


Scarf: gift from Mama UC (similar)  |   Blazer: H&M (similar)  |  Shirt: Target (similar)  |  Skirt: LOFT (similar)  | Tights:  DKNY (similar)  |  Boots: JustFab (similar)

To quote my favorite children’s musical, Annie, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”  May your Wednesday be sunny, bright, happy, (and depending on where you are right now) somewhat warm.  Smile!


Happy What I Wore Wednesday.  

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Almost Patriotic…

…until I chose the wrong scarf.  But I chose this scarf for the right reasons! It’s super long, super wide, super thick- perfect for a cold, chilly day.  Plus this sweater is a boatneck/type collar, so I needed that extra coverage to keep warm!

A few weeks ago, Eva came over and did a closet overhaul for me.  She paired this outfit, only with booties, not flats.  I chose the flats cause, well, my feet were hurting, and there was no way in heck I was subjecting my poor pups to heels…

…also, I can’t seem to find where I placed them.  The snow this past weekend cause cabin fever, and the Mr. and I did a complete cleaning overhaul of our apartment, putting things away, cleaning, laundry, etc.  The booties were moved, but I just can’t find where…

???????????????????????????????Scarf: gift from Mr. (similar)  |  Sweater:  LOFT (similar)  |  Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)  |  Tights:  Ann Taylor (similar)  | Flats: can’t remember (similar)

You can tell I am thinking about where I put the shoes.  And I’m also thinking “Is this the right scarf to wear with this outfit?”  And for me, the answer (when asked about scarves) is always “Yes.”

???????????????????????????????Scarf: gift from Mr. (similar)  |  Sweater:  LOFT (similar)  |  Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)  |  Tights:  Ann Taylor (similar)  | Flats: can’t remember (similar)

…shh don’t tell Eva I wore this wrong.  Then again, she’ll probably see this, call me ASAP and say “You ruined it!”  And then tell me 8 other ways I could have styled this.  This is why we are friends.  I wear something, she tells me that I had potential but there are other ways to wear it.  Oy, will I ever learn?

This past weekend, I took some pictures outside.  The weather cooperated for one day.  (Actually helped cause it melted the snow) you’ll see those pictures later this week- it’s a recap of my typical weekend.  I live a thrilling life, I tell you.  THRILLING.

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Glitz, Glamor, Gowns: Oscar Red Carpet 2015 Recap

Goodness.  What a good night.

I’m not a fashion critic.  Nor do I want to be.  I am not a Joan Rivers, I am strictly someone who likes beautiful things.  I am just strictly going to review my favorite beautiful things (dresses) from last night.  I love pinks, and black, so my biases are leaning that way…I apologize.

If you follow me on Twitter, you could have seen the Mr.’s sarcastic comments, my overview, and the tales of how I was baking brownies and doing my Jamberry manicure all during the commercials.  (Yikes).

What classifies as an Understated Classics?  Clean lines, flattering on you colors, classic cuts, nothing baggy, nothing overwhelming.  Simple.  Hair must be clean (away from face, not distracting), makeup not overwhelming, jewelry complimentary.  Understated.  Let the dress speak for itself.  Classic- decades from now, we’ll still be talking about it.

Enough talk, let’s see pretty things… understated dresses.  Classic dresses.

Get it?  Understated Classics!

must give credit where it’s due.  Pics came from people.com or eonline.com.




“That woman gives me nightmares.” -The Mr.

I just love him.   Flattering tux on him.  Her dress too?  I love the lace/floral overlay. And her dress is stunning. If you still hadn’t seen Foxcatcher, you are missing out. Go find it right now.

Cate Blanchett. Classic cut. I’d totally wear this.

Paltrow:  I may think she’s a little wacked out sometimes, but the pale pink is flattering on her skin and that rose thing? Definitely something attractive about it.


Color is so flattering. Clean lines- fitting on top. Not a fan of the jersey looking skirt, but if it was a satin like material to fall to the floor, it would be fantastic.

Talk about clean. This looks fantastic. She looks amazing. Then again, she always does. Elle Woods forever.

If it wasn’t sheet starting at the hip, we’d be in business. But Jen Aniston really cannot mess anything up. Look at the hair and makeup- so good.


Jennifer Hudson: fellow Weight Watcher. She looks fantastic. But kind of like a stick of butter, but that’s okay, cause she is fantastic regardless.


My television idol. (Remember, Celine is my vocal idol.)

Miranda Priestly really can do no wrong. Now this is classic. Best dressed of the night, for sure.

Best dressed- for obvious reasons.  Anna Wintour.  She can do no wrong- after all, she more than likely picked out everyone else’s dresses.

Like I said, if you follow me on Twitter, you learned how the Mr. is hysterical, I baked caramel swirl brownies, and somehow cleaned the kitchen and did my nails all during the 11 bazillion hours it took for this night to be a thing.

What were hits for you?  Leave it in the comments!

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Layered Friday


A while ago I wore this outfit.  Then I saw the weather forecast and thought, I better layer even more.  Remember, on Wednesday, I explained how I mastered the art of layering.  So today, on this Casual Friday I wear a look I wore a month ago, only today, I’m wearing leggings under my jeans, and a tank and a long sleeve tee under this sweater.


So many layers, but not enough room to wear them all.  I swear, I am still frozen.  I wore my big puffer coat pretty much all day yesterday in my office- the chill is legit.  I think I am going to tell the Mr. I am quitting winter.  Like literally just walk out somewhere.  But not outside.  Cause that’s cold.


Stitchfix is my life.  If you aren’t signed up for Stitchfix, you are missing out.  I convinced my mother to sign up for it too…her life is forever changed…

Cold.  I swear I am just going to walk out.  Who is with me?  Seriously.  Let’s just go away.  I don’t know where, but just away.  Like far. Like desert.  The Sun.  Can we do that?  Can we just go to the sun, get warm and then come back?  Is that a thing?

I will admit,  at least I am having a decent hair day/week.  My hair hasn’t gone too dry from all this mess of cold and snow.  Or maybe I am just kidding myself.


Sweater:  Stitchfix (similar, similarsimilar)

Scarf: gift (similar, similar, similar)

Jeans: DKNY (similar, similar, similar)

Boots: JustFab (similar, similar, similar)

Happy Friday.

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Thursday Thoughts: Week 6

1.  With the massive storm that just hit DC, I have been watching this clip on repeat, numerous times.  After all, if one day I get to see thundersnow (which I doubted was a real thing) I will be like this too.  I mean, really, who believes in such a thing as thundersnow?  The term does actually exist, and people do actually get super excited.

2.  Oh my goodness.  I cannot wait to have children and play this game.  A mom was fearless enough to let her toddler style her.  Let him pick out everything, shoes, socks, shirt, dress, everything.  Buzzfeed did an article about it.  Not too bad for a little one.  Hopefully one day my future children will be so creative and talented.  (Or that my closet provides enough options for a small human to style a grownup!)

3.  YES!  My favorite character got voted number one!  CHURCH LADY reigns supreme in the Saturday Night Live Showdown.  I am obsessed.  I love her.  SANTA IS A DERIVATIVE OF SATAN!  Although there were some character spots that I wish won more rounds,  I’m glad Matt Foley made it to the final four.  How can you go wrong LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER?!

4.  This definitely happened.  And you know what?  I was actually impressed.  It was out right hilarious.  At first I thought “Okay this is a little slow and stupid” but they really made it worth the while.  My personal favorite, besides the makeout?  David Spade and Cecily Strong as the flight attendants.  Uh-Buh-bye.

4. I found this to be quite amusing.  First off, I get why the kid was there, after all, it was her father’s fashion show, but I mean come on, there are times and places a baby should not be.  If you’re sitting front row of a fashion show with a baby, that’s immediately opening yourself up for the stink eye.  If it was me, I’d have been in the back, nearest an exit for reasons like this.  I personally love Anna Wintour’s face.

5.  This snow day, I decided to declutter.  Granted, I literally just moved apartments, and we decluttered a lot of stuff.  Of course this article would pop up in my e-mail AFTER the fact.  But at least it was in time for the snow day.  I decluttered my apartment again.  I like not having a lot of stuff…feels freeing.


thats all I came up with on this shortened work week.  Hope your Thursday is better than your Wednesday, building upon the week- everyday gets better!! Happy day!

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