Friday Casual StitchFix #5

When the box arrived yesterday, the first reaction from the Mr. was “Oh my goodness.  How many of these boxes do you possibly need?  And when is the next one?”  Not really the reaction I was anticipating.  But, when I opened up the box, and read the letter, I knew Lizzy had done me well.  I’m telling you, this Stitchfix service really has become a lifesaver. Yes, this box I only ended up purchasing one thing, but at least I’m now realizing the styling cards are quite helpful.  (That, or I’m now really paying attention to how to really play around with things in my closet.)

I know, I didn’t really take pictures of the items when I was trying them on.  I was too busy deciding what was really going to work in my closet.  But we can discuss the items and why I only kept the sweater…


Okay, Lizzy knew ahead of time, I probably won’t have kept all the items.  But kudos to her- I did request “If I were to buy the whole box, let’s keep it to that $200 range.”  Good girl.  She was dead on for sure.


I used to send the styling cards for the items I didn’t keep back to Stitchfix.  But since this fix was very similar to other items in my closet (which is what I requested!) I decided I should probably keep them for future outfit building ideas.  And, besides, I have a feeling that the cardigan will need some color mixing every now and again.  Let’s just recap real quick- yes, the top left styling card was cut off…sorry.  But those were navy skinny jeans.  Lizzy recommended to put the blouse, sweater, jeans together with the necklace.  I tried it.  Didn’t work for me…


See, the jeans and the dress.  The sweater is on the side.  I had to get a shot of all the pieces together, turns out, my photography skills aren’t the best, but you get what I mean… I loved the skinny jean concept, but my legs did not.  I guess some girls aren’t meant for skinny jeans, right?  Oh well.  We tried.  And now Lizzy and I know.

Let’s discuss the dress.  Yes, it looked great on.  When standing.  Unfortunately when I sat down, the dress must have been a little large in the chest area, cause it created a gap on the tops of my shoulders, and it looked like the girls were about to fall out.  But when I stood, adjusted and pulled down, it looked great.  But the gap when sitting, probably not something I want to be constantly worrying about… right?

And the blouse?  Fantastic.  But I am muscular.  The hem of the sleeve was a little too tight.  And when FaceTiming with my mom, she thought “Hey, it’s decent, but can you take it off correctly?”  (we have this test, if I cannot easily take the shirt off, or need some assistance taking it off, then no, it’s not a shirt that belongs in my closet.-  we’ve shopped many a time together…One time the associate at Macy’s asked if everything was okay in the dressing room….)  And when I showed the shirt to the Mr., he said “That’s like a shirt you can get anywhere.  Want me to google it for you?”  (That’s his way of shopping.)

Sorry blouse, you are getting shipped back.  Struck out 3 for 5.  The necklace?  I don’t know why I keep trying to make necklaces work for me.  I fidget too much.  I break them…  Struck out 4 for 5.  But let’s move onto the best part.


This open cardigan.  Oh, how fantastically perfect.  I am in love.  I knew I was going to be in love the second I took it out of the box.  Even the Mr. said “Dang, for someone who is getting tired of stripes, I actually kind of like that sweater.  How does it work?”  (since all sweaters are a mystery)  I tried it on the way Lizzy suggested.  It looked decent, had I been in normal Clare jeans.  And the second I put the normal Clare jeans on, BAM!  Sold.  We both knew that this was the only keeper.  Love.  At. First.  Wear.


All in all, this fix was a success.  I know, I only kept the one thing, but at least I was able to expand my perspective on my current closet.  I did tell Lizzy she was fantastic.  She really knows me all too well.  Can you believe it?  A complete stranger, and yet she knows exactly what I am looking for.  I’m telling you, Stitchfix is a service you must try.

Sweater: Stitchfix (similar, similar, similar)

Button-down:  Polo (similar, similar, similar)

Jeans: Macy’s (similar, similar, similar)

Sandals: DSW (similar, similar, similar)

Enjoy your weekend.  Stay tuned to Instagram for updates on my 14th anniversary of going to Dave Matthews Band concerts.  Sick, I know.  I’ve been attending his summer concerts for 14 years.  That’s a little embarrassing, I must admit.  But then again, if the shoe fits….

And don’t forget to check out some friends this weekend!

Happy Fashion Item Friday to you

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Martha’s Vineyard Getaway Observations

Martha's Vineyard Getaway Observations

white tee / white button down / chambray shirt

trench coat Rain Jacket / shorts / shorts

women’s sandals / flip flop sandals / Beach tote

sunglasses / quarter zip sweatshirt / fish print tie

seersucker shorts / bowtiecanvas belt

As you may have picked up on, I’m on a vacation to the Northeast.  (Check instagram for some daily updates)  Now, I know I’m supposed to be this excellent leader in my own family for fashion and keeping up with trends and what not, but I packed DC clothing, not preppy Northeastern clothes.  Yes, I’m originally from up north, but I guess I lost touch with reality.  Or, I just don’t really fit in with the real preppy.  But, the Mr. and I have been taking note.  We’ve been observing (while eating ice cream cones) what people are wearing.  We’ve decided our personal styles don’t necessarily fit in up here, but hey, it’s worth a shot taking notes.  Cheers to the rest of a restful vacation.  Follow the journey on Instagram for more fun!
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
Many a blogger has been posting his/her Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks.
I was slow this year, I knew the sale was coming, but life got in the way.
But browsing last night, I came up with a few things to possibly look into.
 I even added a few things for the Mr. on the list!
(I’m becoming more thoughtful as the marriage goes on…)
Enjoy shopping.
And if you do shop online, don’t forget to use Ebates to get cash back on your purchases!
You get 6% cash back on your entire purchase!
Happy shopping!
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No thinking, just get dressed

One of my absolute favorite blogs is Outfit Posts by MK.  She consistently cranks out fantastic wearable, affordable, “things I already have in my closet” type outfits.  The other day, she posted this look, discussing how she was working from home and wanted to get out of pajamas and into comfy yet “work from home clothes.”  Seeing as I need inspiration when I wake up these summery mornings, and she is from Florida, I can relate to her style right now- the heat is coming back.  I enjoyed a 85 degree cool down, but the temps will be climbing again today…

When she posted her Wednesday look, I thought to myself – I can totally wear that.  It’s perfect for casual Friday!  (Or in my office over the summer- everyday!) So when getting dressed, I said to myself “Self, check what MK wore this week.  Can you pull any of that together?  Are any of those outfits clean and ready to wear?  Are they not packed away for vacation?”  And self said “Hey!  Wear this one!”  And BAM!  Self and I came to a happy medium.


True baller status here.  It’s a hot Friday.  And I have no one to really interact with cause I’m a hermit today (hiding away in my office getting all my work for next week done today…so I am hiding from the rest of campus and getting 4 days worth of work done in 8 hours or less…)  Besides, how else is stuff going to get done when I’m gone?  I am the “google form master” in my office, I have to teach co-workers how to navigate the “spreadsheet it kicks back into.”  Boy, had I known I’d be using spreadsheets my entire day, I probably would not need YouTube as much.  #thethingsyoucanfindonyoutube



Denim Jacket: my mother’s closet (similar, similar, similar)

Dress:  my mother’s closet (similar, similar, similar)

Belt: Gap (similar, similar, similar)

Sandals:  DSW (similar, similar, similar)

This Friday, I wish you nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures.  Smile, it is Friday!  Wouldn’t it be great if every work day was Friday?  Or we treated every work week as a 4 day week?  Or just envision all day those tropical drinks with the little umbrellas in them… Get excited for a fun filled weekend. (and don’t forget to link up!)

Happy Fashion Item Friday to you

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July Third Thursday: Bibliophile Update

Last month, I stumbled upon this blog where “Every Third Thursday, you link up what you’re reading.”  And in June, I discussed how I was in the process of reading Heart of the Matter  by Emily Giffin.  Now, that seems like a really long time ago.  Since then, I’ve read too too much.  As I was preparing for this month’s link, I noticed that the theme was “Favorite Villain.”  Now, the books I’ve been reading this vacation filled month aren’t really Villain-ous, but I guess I can give it a whirl….right?  Or maybe I should just talk about how I finally read The Grapes of Wrath.  Or can I just list what I’ve read this month?  Or can the villain be that wicked wife from Gone Girl?  I reread it recently.  After seeing the trailer and learning that Ben Affleck will be the forlorn husband, I just couldn’t picture it.  So I had to re-read Gone Girl again to picture Ben Affleck…

I still think that that woman is quite wicked.  I mean, faking a death, making it look like it was the husband the whole time.  It was kind of wicked, don’t you think?  All I can vividly remember about the book was the scene where she’s hiding in the Ozarks, floating happily along a lazy river, then getting back to her cabin that night.  How evil can someone be?  She knows what’s going on with her husband at home, and here she is, floating happily along a river.  Villain status, if you ask me.  I mean, come on, pure evil.  She set her husband up.  She set Ben Affleck up!  Ben Affleck people!  Come on… evil.

As part of the “Third Thursday” link up, the rules state I must either create an outfit based on the character, or post a picture of an outfit that I’ve worn that correlates.  Well, I don’t know what a villainous woman like Gone Girl  (too evil for me to even remember her name, she’s just “wicked girl”) would wear, but I figure while she’s on the run, she’d probably want to fit in with mainstream…so ta-da.  Mainstream USA.  (Plus, it’s one of my favorite dresses….quite mainstream…)



Hey man, if I wanted to just blend in with my environment, and look mainstream into the daily culture of where I am, then BAM!  We’re good with this dress.  I mean, I do work in a highly populated professional working people area, so why not?  I look dang good in this dress, I will wear this as much as possible.

So I’m on vacation next week.  I haven’t read Gillian Flynn’s other book.  Guess what I’ll be doing next week?!  Oh, and of course, after I devour the other Gillian Flynn, I’m due for reading my annual read of To Kill a Mockingbird.  See you in a week, folks.

Happy Third Thursday.  Read Away!

Wednesday Wear: Stripes

Stitchfix Wednesday. I am in the midst of packing for vacation.  In forgetting how cold (okay, 85 instead of 100) it was going to be, I opted for a longer dress.  I am battling the window unit in my office and the humidity.  I have to keep my office at subzero temperatures in order to combat my papers getting curly and damp… #firstworldprobs fo’ sho.

StitchFix striped maxi dress


Happy Wednesday.

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Black and White Triangluar #stitchfixfriday

There are always those surprises in life.  Like when you order a box service and ask for at least one “wear to work” item, a “wear to dinner/drinks” and the ever impossible “desk to dinner” type outfit.  I was quite pleasantly surprised in June with my Stitchfix box.  The stylist (not my usual, but that’s okay) sent me something so darling, and the card even said “wear the dress to work, and even transition to dinner!”  And sure enough, she was right.  The Mr. agreed “keep the two dresses, and try the black/white one for the dinner we have tomorrow night…” (Swanky DC hidden gem).  Of course, I had to try it out.  And BAM!  The proof is in the pictures.  How adorable?!

Side note:  I added the belt.  My “panel of judges” (group iMessage with 3 fashionistas) all agreed that this was June’s keeper.


Thank you to all of you who have messaged/e-mailed/commented yesterday and Wednesday, regarding my terrible razor burn.  I spoke to a friend of mine who had a similar problem, she asked “Did you switch laundry detergents?”  And wouldn’t you believe it…I was allergic to the new detergent we had switched to…(makes sense cause I wear pajama pants when I sleep…and tank tops…my legs were the only real affected area!)  And now I know.  Switching detergents may have consequences.  #lessonlearned

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Cheers to a good weekend!

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