How did Black and Green become the best? Easy.

Mother Nature is not on my side.Recently, the weather and the stress from unpacking/moving has gotten exhausting.  (Yes, the weather has gotten exhausting.  Rain and cool, then sunny and hot, then cloudy and mild- seriously, can Mother Nature make up her mind?) Personally, I am feeling defeated when I have to get dressed in the morning.

Recently, I’ve been dressing for DC weather still…NYC weather is NOT DC weather.  DC is 98 and humid, NYC is like 85 and relatively muggy, but not a swamp like DC is.  Between you and me, the struggle is so real.  Side note: don’t wear black-all black when the sun is beaming down on you in DC-swamp like setting, hot, sticky= gross.  Rookie mistake.

But I can win the battle she’s been fighting with me.  Well, not really.  I went out earlier today in jeans and a tee for running errands, and I was crying to myself “This is such a stupid mistake- who wears full length jeans when the temperature is 85 degrees?”  Clearly, I hadn’t won the battle.

Redemption: dinner date.  The Mr. rang and asked “Want to do dinner outside?”  This was my redemption- this was where I was going to beat Mother Nature.

Understated Classics: how black and green became the best
She may have given me a nasty sunburn recently, but I shall win this battle.

How did black and green become the best?  Easy.  I knew the heat/humidity is not a prevalent in NYC than in DC.  No swampy feelings, the humidity is less (just look at my hair!), and there’s always some sort of breeze.

So how did I win against Mother Nature that date night?

  • Just throw on all black and add a light-weight green scarf.
  • How did black and green become the best?  Because they are black and green.  Black base, green accent.
  • A base color, then build with accessories.  And because of the light-weight wide-leg pants, and black tank, I think I’ve got a solid base here.
  • A green scarf?  Well any scarf, really, but this green is so light and airy, the combo wouldn’t be the same without.


Understated Classics: How Black and Green became the best


Understated Classics: How Black and Green Became the Best

Outfit Formula. Base foundation + Accent piece= smart.  Why didn’t I think of this combo sooner?!  Oh, and yes, for those who noticed: that is DMB (Dave Matthews Band) all over.  I’m a huge fan- been so since I was 13.  Haven’t missed a summer concert in… wow… 14 years.  I think I’ve seen 20 shows too…wow…but last summer? So smart, DMB- they had scarves for sale.  Naturally I had to.  Thus black and green became the best.

Inspiration came from… a passerby in Grand Central Station.  She wasn’t wearing a green scarf, but it was enough to give a black and green inspiration.  How black and green became the best?  The random passerby in Grand Central Station.  Thank you, random girl.

Scarf: DMB 2014 Summer tour (similar, similar, similar)
Tank: Target (similar, similar, similar)
Pants: White House Black Market (similar, similar, similar)


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Wednesday Blues

Side note:  These last few days I’ve been moving from DC to NYC.  Yes, it’s only a 4 hour drive, but oh my goodness, I have a ton of stuff.  I am living in a box.  And finally, I got wifi back on Monday night, so I can indulge in Orange is the New Black.  So between unpacking and OINTB (alternate an episode with a box- to avoid binging) I’ve hadn’t much time to throw a good quality post together.


As a fun way to spend my last few days at work, one of my students who started her own DC based photography business, suggested we take pics for the blog, and for the upcoming BloggerScene.  (Still, a recap of Bloggerscene to come). Of course.  And if you are ever in the DC area and need photos, check out her work. Natually, my girl Eva had to get some photo ops in too.


It’s like a proud parent- watching your students grow up so fast and become a talented individual.  I was impressed, this shoot took maybe 10 minutes, she snapped maybe 300 or so pictures, and within 24 hours she flipped them around and saved them on a zip drive for me.  Seriously, if you are in the DC area, or are a DC blogger, check out Erin, she’s totally a fun person to work with.


Even her candids are amazing.  Then again, I was probably laughing at myself for attempting to be such a serious faced blogger- like those ones who are in it for the clothes, not the community, or the stream of conscious writings. After all, we all start our blogs for different reasons.  My original intent was a creative outlet to express myself and occupy my time while searching for a job.  And now the blog has become so much more.  I am now un-embarrassed to talk openly about this little ol’ piece of interwebz with family and friends.  I’ve become more confident with my closet, and believe it or not, I’ve actually started to really streamline my closet down and notice what my “style” is.  Understated.  Classics.  How simple?!IMG_9530


I have tons more pictures from this shoot, however, there is one that is my absolute favorite.  This will always remind me of the remarkable students I have worked with, and although I won’t be there for their junior/senior years of college, I am excited to watch their blogs/businesses grow.  We have become a close group of bloggers/instagrammers/photographers, and I look forward to what the future will bring for us.



From left to right:  Eva, Clare, Mallory.  (Check out their work- amazing stuff!  So proud of them!)

Photo credit: Erin 

On Clare: LOFT Necklace (similar) / Pinstripe button down (similar) / Jeans (similar) / Shoes (similar) / Sunglasses (similar)

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Wine Wednesday

As my time in DC/NoVa comes to an end, of course we close out my DC adventures with some winery hopping in Northern Virginia.  Did you know that majority of the Northern Virginia (nova) wineries are on the same latitude as Napa Valley?  And the wines are just as good.  Personally, I’m a fan of the Norton, which is the state grape of Virginia.  Of course, part of my adventure hunting is always scoping out new places.  However, Paradise Springs is not “new” to me and the Mr., as we live only 15 minutes away, and are wine club members.  The other night was a “Wine Club Party.”  Naturally, we had to go and get our shipment!  Enjoy!





I was way too excited that I finally got a shirt from Stitchfix that actually fits, is long enough, is a color I like, doesn’t tighten around my chest, and is perfect for summer.  Thank you Mackenzie – you were a good stand in for Lizzy.  I think I’ll keep you around.  And I know, back on Stitchfix #9, I said I’d be good about taking pictures and posting them for a post.  Whoops.  I tried.  I can’t remember everything I said!  I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast half the time. If you want a close up on the detailing, check my Instagram for an iPhone version of the pictures.




See!!  The shirt is long enough!  It covers my waistband!  Love this.  Was amazed, impressed, fell in love, all those words that say to you “well, of course I need this shirt…” I always struggle with the length of shirts, the sizing (my chest is never favorable when shirt shopping), the coverage (does it cover my bra straps, show too much, covers my midriff, etc.) and just overall look.  But thankfully this time around, Stitchfix to the rescue again.  I was in love.  And I was also in love with the Mr.’s skills, look how he just zoomed in and got the nails/bag/hem of the shirt.  I’m so proud of him.



So proud of him.  Really.  Look at that.  He did that all on his own.  No prompting.  I may cry, I am so proud.  He’s become so patient with me on this blogging journey.   Oh and if you were wondering, no this is not a wine that came in our shipment, this is just one of the best that this winery has to offer.  It’s a red.  Not too heavy, not too light, very sip-able for summer.  And it’s unique flavor is fantastic for a nice summer BBQ evening/wine club party.  If you are ever in the DC metro area, head on out to Paradise Springs winery, try the Melange.  You may never want anything else, ever.



And yes, in my bag I had a Tide-to-Go pen.  The Mr. got very super worried that I was wearing white pants.  I am super clumsy and super forgetful, so we made sure I was carrying a tide stick for emergencies.  Thank goodness too, because earlier that day I managed to brush up against something that needed stain removal.  Still can’t see the stain either- thats even better! But then again, I actually didn’t spill or drop anything on my white jeans, I just wasn’t paying attention and bumped into something.  That’s the impressive part- I didn’t do it on purpose, it just happened!


Perfect way to round out our DC adventures.   At one of our favorite quiet spots in Northern Virginia, enjoying each others company, relishing in the last few days here in DC before moving to the Big Apple. (Not to mention, the next morning we topped it off with a coffee and bagel at Dean & Deluca in Georgetown)  As bittersweet as our last few days in DC were, all good things must come to an end.  We enjoyed the time and family/friendships we have developed here, but the time has come.  I told my students I was like Mary Poppins- I know when they don’t need me anymore, I’ve done my job.  So we’re off to a new adventure, new students, new friendships, new explorations.  We’re headed home!  Watch out NYC- here we come.


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Ikwetta: Artistry with a Cause

There’s always something that pulls at your heart when you come across an amazing cause.  For me, I’m all about empowering talented artisians, giving them the entrepreneurial backing they deserve.  I was recently contacted by Ikwetta, a up and coming design line whose premise is to empower the women and men who design and create the items and give them the financial freedom and opportunities to create a better lives for themselves and their families. Their artistry is impressive, and the products are beautiful.

— I was originally inspired to support any/all African enterprises when my brother (US Army) visited Global Mamas in Ghana.  He worked alongside the Mamas to help rebuild and recreate their workshop, and as a thank you, they showered him with beautiful gifts to take home to all the women in his life.  I still use the carrier bag, the headband, and turned all the fabric he was given into his favorite quilt.  Not to mention, these women also gifted my family the lifesaving Shea Butter, we all swear by!

When Ikwetta reached out, I checked out their Kickstarter campaign and inquired for more info.  Not only did I get as much info as I needed (and then some), I was sold.  I firmly believe in empowering and displaying the talent of these women and men. Just look at the artwork!  Why not share this talent with the world?!  (I know I would!)

ikwetta 2


Ikwetta Portfolio -page-001

Seriously, look at those Olympus shoes.  That’s all handmade.  I can barely glue beads onto a piece of paper, let alone make beautiful shoes out of beads!  And knowing my luck, if I were to create shoes like these, I’d end up having to use those pony beads (the bigger beads) we all used to make necklaces out of when we were kids.  (The kind that kids can pick up and string because they are large beads with smaller hands)

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-002

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-003

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-004

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-005

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-006

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-007

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-008

The “Pink Diamond” may have to make it’s way into my closet….

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-009

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-010

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-011

Ikwetta Portfolio -page-012

From the founders of the Kickstarter campaign, I worked with Sheeni to create this blog post, getting the word out there.  Sheeni was also kind enough to provide me with some near and dear to her heart wording regarding this campaign.  Her sweet words come from the heart.

What is the meaning of Ikwetta?
Ikwetta is the Swahili word for “equator.”
When I first visited Kenya, my husband took me to a place the equator passes through, and he showed me how when water was placed in a bowl with a hole in it, it drained clockwise north of the equator, and anti-clockwise south of the equator. If such a difference could be made by moving a bowl of water few feet north or south of an imaginary line, then imagine the difference we could make with a real brand that looks to make a difference? Thus Ikwetta :)
I guess we just want people to understand that these are not standard machine-made products fabricated in a factory – they are all 100% handmade by amazing artisans who will gain so much dignity through these sales.
All our material is high quality and highly sustainable. Our leather is made from the highest rated tannery in Africa, where the greenest technology is used, and our sisal is as eco-friendly as it gets with low water absorption and high Carbon Dioxide absorption.
Really hoping for the best in our journey to #EmpowerTalent!
So if you are amazed by the beautiful artistry for a cause, I would recommend checking out their Kickstarter campaign.  It’s very rare that I use the blog to promote a specific cause, yet this cause is near and dear to my heart.  Not only is Ikwetta empowering talent, they are empowering generations to come.