Internal Error: Bookworm Style

I would have had a post up today, yet I had been so caught up in the current book I am reading, that last night…came and went…I ready a good portion of the book instead of actually blogging…

…review to come next Friday.  This book is really good.  If you get the chance this weekend…pick this up…

Be back  Monday with Manicure Monday.  Fellow bookworms, you understand.  #thestruggleisreal

What I Wore Wednesday: The Return

It has been so hot and or cold these days, that all I could do was break out my faux-fur vest.  Seriously, this roller coaster of weather has not been my friend these past few weeks, so naturally, you gotta wear what you can to survive!

Happy What I Wore Wednesday! 

Seriously.  I cannot express how good it feels to be back into the blogging world again.  See you Friday for a book review!

And don’t forget to thank a veteran today for their commitment to our country and their service to protect their families and friends.


Faux Fur Vest:  White House Black Market (similar, similar, similar)
Gray Turtleneck:  White House Black Market (similar, similar, similar)
Ponte Pants: Stitchfix (similar, similar, similar)
Booties: Nordstrom Rack (similar, similar similar)
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Manicure Monday

After a hiatus of blogging, I am back.  I took the last 2-3 months to really figure out what I wanted from this lil ol’ space of blog world, and where I wanted to go with Understated Classics.  And well…I’m back!  With a bunch of lil weekly consistency, and an actual schedule!  Woo for me having a legit schedule.  Finally.  No more shooting from the hip!

Welcome to Monday.  Manicure Monday.  This week my nails are donning the October Stylebox from Jamberry.  Stylebox is a monthly box subscription which sends two designs, a nail file and an orange stick,  for only $25 a month.  And there are always 3 styles to choose from (Feminine, Classic, Trendy), and well…personally, I’m addicted.  See?  Here’s one of the “Classic” October designs…

october stylebox

What’s your manicure looking like this week?

Share yours in the comments!


By the way, it feels good to be back.  I’ve missed you all!  Welcome back to Understated Classics!

Reads: How to Make Powerful Speeches

Whether you admit it or not, we all have some sort of nervousness when it comes to public speaking.  The preparation, the delivery, the follow through, the follow up, the audience, whatever.  There is always something holding us back, keeping us from revealing the true potential in the power of words.  If you can identify within yourself some sort of fear/anxiety/dread/nervousness with regards to public speaking, I highly recommend you read this book.

How to Make Powerful Speeches 2nd Edition: A Step-by-Step Guide to Inspiring and Memorable Speeches

Content.  Well-written, the book reads as though O’Brien is giving a speech.  Many times, I caught myself nodding in agreement with what he was saying.  His tips/tricks/logic really hit home.  How can you give a speech if you aren’t fully-rehearsed?  Audiences can and will pick up on the idea that you are just winging it.  The careful attention you pay to your speech preparation really does pay off in the long run.  O’Brien’s suggestion is to always be prepared, and continually cut back on your speech so much that you know it from just 6 words on a notecard.  He even provides sufficient examples for PowerPoint presentation slides, what to do and what not to do.

Passion.  O’Brien writes a lot of background on how to prepare your speech with passion, and conviction.  You need to come across as an expert, but how do you truly come across as an expert?  The self-discovery of your tone of voice, your message and the delivery is what O’Brien really emphasizes.  Before even writing the speech, the first section of the book really provides some thought provoking commentary on how to achieve the persuasiveness you would need to convince an audience you are indeed an expert in the field.

How to Read/Apply to your own life.  I do not speak for a living, and very rarely do I give speeches.  Trainings, yes, but typically the trainings are to college students and it’s a training on how to be awesome.  And since I am an expert on that, well, that just comes easy.  However, I took the book seriously.  I was reading the book with a writing eye.  A blogger’s eye.  I now understand how to write and prepare blog posts in a convincing manner, to get my point across, sit down and shut up.  I get it.  The book just made sense.  So if you are looking to really hone your skills on speaking (or in my case, writing), I suggest you pick up this book, right now.  Seriously.  You’ll be forever changed.

How to Make Powerful Speeches 2nd Edition: A Step-by-Step Guide to Inspiring and Memorable Speeches
I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Reads: The Yankees Had Something to Do With It

The American Civil War.  Goes beyond just the North versus the South.  Union soldiers following orders, worrying about General Lee and the Southern Confederates, approaching Gettysburg, navigating the Eastern Seaboard’s varying terrain.  Yet this book goes deeper.  Hotaling goes further into the planning and behind the scenes for the upcoming Battle at Gettysburg.  What happened in the days leading up to the battle?  Who was paranoid their men weren’t strong enough?  How were the North going to survive with various Infantries coming together to fight?

The Yankees Had Something To Do With It

Normally, I am not a fan of historical reading, however Hotaling’s prose is incredible.  Really brings the history of the preparation and behind the scenes to life.  Gives personality to the Generals/Colonels, even to some of the soldiers.  The story goes deeper into American History than what is taught in the classroom, and provides some detail into just how difficult the American Civil War really was.  The tale of the North versus the South towards Gettysburg wasn’t just a meet and fight at Gettysburg.  The North had been planning on receiving Lee and the South, however, with the many battles (and personality conflicts) along the way, the South was preparing to really trample on the Union at Gettysburg.  When Union Generals are killed, the messages/telegrams come too late, snap decisions and many a question later, the Yankees must make their decisions and prepare for battle.

How to read.  American History fanatics?  You need to read this book.  The book goes further into the preparation, rather than the battle of Gettysburg itself.  Are you from the Virginia/DC/Maryland/Pennsylvania area?  This book really gives you an insight into what all those “historical spots” are along the highways.  If you are interested in going behind the scenes of history, this is the book for you.  The book’s flow really sucks you in, and makes you want to read on -even though you know the outcome of history, you’re still going to enjoy this story.

The Yankees Had Something To Do With It
I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.